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Understanding Funding
Everything you need to know about invoice factoring.

The way that the Accounts Payable and Receivable processes are structured causes many businesses to lose money - and lose out on new opportunities. This situation, unfortunately, is a "way of business life" in America today. But with Millennium Funding, A/P and A/R don't have to be a constraint on your business.

Consider this example:

One of our clients is a furniture manufacturer. To produce their product, this company requires a long list of raw materials: steel, glass, finishing materials, wood components, fasteners, etc. Currently they enjoy 30-day terms with most of the suppliers, but seldom, if ever, does the company have the cash on hand to take advantage of the 2% discount offered by vendors and suppliers for payment within 10 days.

However, as a factoring client with Millennium Funding, this company used their money to pay vendors/suppliers in 10 days and cut their factoring fee approximately in half.

When this client combined the ability to offset the cost of factoring with the increase in production realized by accessing more materials (to fill more orders within the same month), the profit generated from this additional business went straight to the company's bottom line.

How Can We Help YOU?

Every company has unique needs and requires a unique funding solution. Let Millennium Funding develop a funding solution that's right for you. Contact us today and tell us about your company and your financing issues. We can help you capitalize potential and achieve success.

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