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Lawsuit Funding
Why wait for your settlement?

Settling a lawsuit is almost always a stressful situation - especially when you consider it can take months or even years to actually get paid. That's where Millennium Funding can help.

We offer funding solutions that ensure you don't have to wait to get the money you need to support your family. This reduces the pressure on both you and your attorney to settle too early, for too little.

How do we do it? Millennium Funding invests in the future value of your case, offering a no-risk, non-recourse cash advance. Non-recourse simply means that if you lose your case, then you owe us nothing. Plus, there are no credit checks, employment requirements, or monthly payments.

Here's how Millennium's lawsuit funding process works:

  • Get started by contacting us online or calling us at 800-698-9773
  • Our staff will then contact your attorney and request the necessary documentation.
  • After the required information is received, you will be contacted to discuss your funding needs and the terms of our agreement. Your attorney will then be faxed an agreement to sign.
  • The funds will be wire transferred directly to your account. Your attorney will be asked to provide our staff with periodic updates as the case proceeds.
  • When your case is settled, your lawyer will pay Millennium Funding directly out of the settlement proceeds.

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