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Medical Funding
Convert your accounts receivables to cash.

What if you could convert your claims from a pile of paper to a pile of cash? All of that tied-up money would be in your pocket, ready to use to buy new equipment, hire more employees, and help your business grow.

It's not too good to be true - and you don't have to put your goals on hold while you wait for others to pay you. Through our Medical Accounts Receivable Funding program, we can provide you with an easy solution to cash-flow problems by liquidating the capital tied up in your accounts receivables.

Benefits we offer include:

  • Your medical practice will have immediate access to a dependable cash flow.
  • Your medical business will receive the cash it needs within 24 hours of your submission of claims.
  • You will not impact your balance sheet; accounts receivables funding is not a loan and therefore not a liability.
  • You will have a funding partner that can help you maximize your profits.

Our expert staff will collaborate closely with you to customize a program that will allow you quick access to cash and help maximize your potential. Contact Millennium Funding today to learn more.

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