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Government Supplier Funding
Level the playing field...and win more contracts.

Every strong building needs a solid foundation. And that's the idea behind Millennium Funding's government supplier program. By working to provide a steady and reliable source of flexible capital to small and mid-size businesses, our company can help you build strong and competitive government bids. In fact, we can provide you with immediate access to cash in accordance with the Assignment of Claims Act of 1986.

Here's how Millennium Funding's program benefits Prime and Subcontractors:

Prime Contractors:

  • Expand your sourcing options - our funding program allows you to choose from a wider range of subcontractors, which will lower cost for your firm.
  • Confidently select subcontractors based on their ability to perform, not on your ability to pay them.
  • Reduce delays caused by unexpected financing issues.
  • Take trade discounts


  • Let your performance - not financial limitations - dictate control over your success.
  • Expand your business opportunities by allowing you to take on larger projects.
  • Take greater advantage of your small, woman/minority-owned, and/or disadvantaged business status. (would like to use correct terms)
  • Strengthen your balance sheet while improving your cash flow.

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