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First - The Facts! 

Nearly 80% of North American companies report that the economy has had a direct negative effect on their business with a majority citing tightening cash flow and a slowdown in customer payments!

Studies continue to show companies are reporting restricted cash flow while the key to Growth is Right in Front of Them!

  •77%   - report that the economy has had a direct negative effect on business •33%   - say the financial crisis is straining the availability of working capital •67%   - report that they are experiencing a general slowdown in customer payments •68%   - say their customers are experiencing tightening of bank financing •67%   - tightened A/R Collections

Yahoo ranks brokering factoring deals as one of the "10 hottest job opportunities in 2009" 

by Joy Victory,

Factor. A what? Didn't you study those in algebra? While this career is fairly foreign to most folks, now that bank loans are hard to come by, factoring allows small business to get funding based on their current accounts receivable -- the money they expect to have coming in. Factoring works well for retailers and other businesses that have big receivables. Factoring is a legitimate source of funds in hard times.  "It's a huge business and, at a time when people can't get other types of lending, factors are skilled experts at lending against accounts receivables."

Take advantage of this economy and this opportunity

Training provided by industry practioners with over 100 years of combined experience in Alternative Financing.

Millennium Funding, Business Accelerator, Inc and The Finance Institute have joined forces in an effort to provide a training program which offers you a chance to experience the most information-packed education available in the alternative financing industry. It also leverages your current experience and empowers former brokers, new brokers, and seasoned professionals to gain more business than ever!

Once you invest in the program, we will help you every step of the way. Materials you will receive as part of the program include:

  • Sales scripts
  • A marketing plan
  • Direct mail pieces that can produce up to a 15% response rate
  • Internet Optimization strategies designed to considerably increase deal flow

And Much, Much, More!

Whether you’re thinking of returning to the industry, are a seasoned cash flow professional, or someone who is just getting started, the factoring industry offers a world of opportunity. We urge you to attend our  training program to learn more!

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